Theresa – Switzerland – 8 February 2020

Yes, these Functional State Correctors are really a wonderful gift. Many thanks to the brilliant scientist, Mr. Koltsov. He’s absolutely right in recommending to start with the basic set.
In my experience, toxins and the viruses/bacteria and parasites living on them are the most significant health problem of humankind.
Probably 3-4 Koltsov plates of the Basic Set have to be used over many months, which I will test each time.
I did my training in Munich a good 30 years ago.
Now I can observe that all these germs are becoming more resistant from month to month and can hardly be influenced by the appropriate natural means. This means therapies over several months, sometimes years.
During this therapy time, people are mostly newly infected (Borrelia/cocci and many more). So today it is almost impossible to be toxin and parasite-free.
Here is the case of 3 clients, who were affected by the germs mentioned, already had 6-12 months of therapy. The bacteria were fully present at the beginning of the treatment with the Functional state correctors!
With the application of No. 1 and No. 5, one of the three women got heat surges in the areas affected by coccus (bladder). Afterwards, the bacteria could no longer be detected!
Before I have used the remedy treatment that is associated with high costs because the remedies had to be taken in higher and higher doses to eliminate these germs for many months. Another problem that I had to deal with is the elimination of toxic waste.
To create the conditions where the germs are simply no longer comfortable is a wonderful way to treat the problem. The FSCs allow to do that!
On top of it I have incredible success with the FSC Flora and Fauna when I used it for one of my two cats. This Koltsov plate lies under the pillow of their resting place. Both cats drink structured water, and their almost daily vomiting was no longer an issue from day one of use of this FSC.
The second, very fit cat uses this resting place at every opportunity, which is only the case since the installation of the FSC flora and fauna. Therefore, I have now ordered another Koltsov plate to keep both cats in optimal health.
I am extremely excited to see what further experiences I will make.
I am an absolute newcomer, and yet I have already had these beautiful results.




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